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The Misfit

He’s got a lot of demons around him
Smiling and laughing
Disguised as clowns with faces so many
Covered with pastel of colors
Yet seems to be full of horror

He masters the art of fake-smiling
The great power given to him
He knows what goes around
Even has a say to make a sound
And make a twist on the plot
But he chooses to hold back
Instead he manages to play around
And deal with the fact that life could be in its unfairest state most of the times

Somewhere inside of him is burning embers of hope
That he never stops believing will grow into flames that’ll eat him whole
And will made his being strong as Samson
To face all odds and to fight all dragons
For him to reach that place where he knows he belongs

The venture may be rough
But his will won’t be stopped
Whatever the wind has brought shall pass
The journey will roll on to last

, #the misfit #poem #lament #rant